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"Through vivid language and incredible visuals,  Mike Jernigan reaches from the podium straight into the hearts of his audience. His ability to connect military leadership imperatives with business leadership challenges is unparalleled and timeless... It works and it works every time with every audience!"

Leslie W. Joyce, Ph.D.

Vice President Learning

The Home Depot

Mike Jernigan is an energetic and engaging speaker who integrates key leadership strategies gleaned from the battlefield to the boardroom into his program.  Listeners from managers to Chief Executive Officers have benefited greatly from Mike’s no-nonsense, practical approach to developing leaders and gaining employee loyalty.

Commissioned as a Marine officer in 1992, Mike earned a  Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Auburn University and a Master's of Science Degree in Information Technology Management at the Naval Postgraduate School.  Mike has served as a Commanding General's Aide-De-Camp, Platoon Commander, Company Commander, Battalion Executive Officer, and during Operation Iraqi Freedom was the youngest Battalion Commander in the 1st Marine Division.   Upon his return from Iraq, Mike was chosen as a Commandant's National Corporate Fellow.  He spent over a year working directly for the Chairman and CEO of The Home Depot studying leadership in this Fortune 15 company.  This unique opportunity to view the corporate world from the "top down" coupled with his extensive military leadership experience gives him high credibility in both arenas.

Mike has had great success tailoring his leadership training sessions to individual companies and to unique groups within companies (Employees, Store Managers, District Managers, Executives, Vice Presidents and CEO's.)  His insights have helped thousands of people develop their own leadership principles and style.

Mike knows that the key to a successful meeting is leaving audiences feeling more confident and energized and armed with new tools, skills and ideas to make an ongoing, positive difference in their personal and professional lives.  He is committed to making your meeting a memorable one.

Versatility is one of the hallmarks of Mike's speaking style.  He can engage and motivate an audience on a variety of topics. 

Some of his most requested topics are:

  • Developing an Inspirational Leadership Style

  • Leadership in Chaotic Environments

  • Fostering Employee Loyalty

  • Recruiting and Retention

  • "Get Real"- Taking Care of People

  • Coaching and Change Management

  • Executive Decision-making

  • "The Rules" for Leaders and "The Rules" for Followers






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